Jeremy Sawyer, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology, Behavioral Sciences, Sue Carpenter, Ph.D Associate Professor Education Program, Behavioral Sciences

LOGOTEACHING2    Melissa Riggio Higher Education Program/ CUNY Unlimited  |   Faculty Interest Group at Kingsborough


Have you ever wondered how to include students with developmental disabilities in your classroom and enrich the course experience for all students?  This group will explore ways to best include students with developmental disabilities from the Melissa Reggio Higher Education Program (MRHEP) — a KCC college experience program here on campus for students with developmental disabilities. These students audit two courses each semester and have a full college experience.

Led by Sue Carpenter and Jeremy Sawyer (Behavioral Sciences), issues of inclusion, disability studies, accessibility, diversity, and civic engagement will be discussed and studied. Practical tips and experience will also be shared by faculty and staff already involved in including MRHEP students in their courses. Whether you are already involving MRHEP students in your classroom or you are thinking about the possibility of doing so, this group is for YOU!

The FIG is open to faculty, students, and staff interested in exploring, discussing and being involved in an inclusive educational practice!  For more information or to join, please contact us here.

CUNY Unlimited

CUNY Unlimited is a credential program in development through a grant partnership with the University of Rochester, AHRC NYC, the NYC Department of Education, and the JFK, Jr. Institute for Worker Education. Students currently enrolled in model demonstration programs at five CUNY campuses prepare for employment by participating in academic courses, co-curricular activities, and vocational experiences aligned with their interests.

The Credential
Beginning in 2020, students accepted into the CUNY Unlimited program will be eligible to earn a CUNY Unlimited Achievement Certificate, capturing their college experience in a way that is valuable to the student, their communities, and future employers. Students will participate in CUNY classes and experience college life while developing the skills to take on meaningful and productive roles in their communities.

Group Facilitators

Carpenter-Melissa program

Sue Carpenter, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Behavioral Sciences and Human Services

Jeremy Sawyer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology, Behavioral Sciences