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Fall 2018: 3 meetings

25th Sept.


The first FIG of the semester brought together faculty, administrators from the Melissa Riggio Program, Accessibility and Cuny leads- 7 in total.

A new faculty member from the math department attended as did a faculty member from sociology.

An interesting discussion emerged because faculty had students who were using  Accessibilty services not in the  Melissa Riggio Program. Faculty were asking whether CUNY  Unlimited would include  students who they were concerned maybe failing as undergraduates.

These concerns were past onto CUNY’s  Director of Disability Services.

 30th Oct.

The second fig of the semester included a presentation from Sue Carpenter given at  the Salzburg Inclusive Universities Conference in Austria.

A UDL tool from the University of Westminster, London  was also shared.

3rd Dec.

An update of Cuny Unlimited’s curriculum committee was shared.

Updates were given to Christine Beckner – Dean of Continuing Education.

Discussion and sharing took place between faculty, Cuny Leads, Cuny Leads Plus, Melissa Riggio Admin, faculty and Christine Beckner.


A useful and interesting semester – please feel free to join us!





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